Are you looking for E-Commerce Platform?

Running an E-Commerce website is not that much easy. As the there is a huge competition in the market, If you want to retain the customer then you should provide amazing shopping experience and service. So the capability of the platform is the most important thing which will attract the customers and simplify the process.

Is it right time to renovate the Website

How can you come to know if it’s time to renovate your e-commerce website?

There is few number of signs below:

  • Growing Business - Look closely at the cost and performance benefits of your website to determine if it can continue to meet your expanding needs.
  • Technology - Technology changes at a rapidly. Take a review of your platform and business needs to determine the functionality required to support your business goals.
  • Navigation, coding and search capabilities - Evaluate your current navigation structure, URL syntax, coding and search functionality to better understand if you are providing your customers with the best possible online experience.
  • Technical support model refresh - As your ecommerce site becomes larger, more complex and increasingly dynamic, you need the horsepower to implement changes and handle traffic. Determine the type of support you need, what type of platform would work best.
  • Back-office integration - Integrating specific business applications with your webstore can streamline the order lifecycle and enhance personalized service while automatically adjusting inventory and decreasing costs. If back-office integration has been on the back burner, re-platforming provides an ideal opportunity to connect and reconnect with existing enterprise and third party assets, such as ERP.
  • New goals for your webstore – Whether it’s finding ways to speed page loads, increase your conversion rates or reduce shopping cart abandonment, your ecommerce goals are always changing. Does your current platform allow you to quickly respond to rapidly evolving business needs and a changing market?
  • Security – As we see nowdays cyber security is most important aspect for online business, your webstore must offer the utmost in security, both for your business and your customers. Re-platforming enables you to upgrade your security functionality and ensure compliance with ecommerce regulations.
  • Mobile Compatibility – The Ericsson Mobility Report says that there will be 810 million smart phone subscription upto 2021 in india. Now India is second largest smartphone market with 220 million users. Research says that on an average within every 10 minutes interval user checks his mobile. So it is necessary to have a mobile app for your E-Commerce business. Also Smart Customers want access to your webstore any time and from any Internet-enabled device. That means your ecommerce site must be able to meet the increasing demands of mobile commerce and be prepared to handle tablet commerce.

Choosing the right technology partner

Choose a partner that offers experience with the various functions of the ecommerce platform as well as the complexities and intricacies of an online retail business. Also, because re-platforming requires moving applications and content as well as integrating your new platform with backend systems, you want a partner with the required experience in processes, database development, data conversions, multi-sales channels and information exchange between disparate systems.

Make sure you have an SEO plan that optimizes every one of your products, categories, landing pages and brand to minimize dips in organic search traffic. You don’t want to lose your ranking just because you have re-platformed, And your technology partner should be that much capable to do so.

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